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Badan Bertoksik???

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Nampak menggelikan gambar2 di atas tu kan? Maaflah kalau korang rasa agak jijik dan geli dengan gambar2 kat atas ni......tapi itulah hakikatnya...itulah toksik yang terkumpul dalam badan kita....toksik yang dikumpulkan melalui pemakanan kita,udara kotor yang kita sedut dan macam2 lagi punca nya....bila dah banyak sangat toksik tu,itu yg jadi pening kepala la,migrain la,payah nak tidur la dan macam-macam lagi penyakit.....

Aku ni bukanlah doktor nk cakap tentang penyakit,cuma nak berkongsi pengalaman sendiri dan kawan2 jer...aku tengok gambar2 camni mula2 skali pada satu pamplet yg ada kat kedai makan...bayangkanlah tgk gambar2 gini kat kedai makan!! Nasib baik aku dah abes makan....hehe..aku pun trus la try beli Detox Patch yg diiklankan ni...kononnya nak try buang toksin...........1st day aku pakai tu hitam giler jadinya kaki aku..haha...rasa teruja jap..hahaha

Last sekali aku pun pakai la untuk 5 hari sebab aku beli 10 keping hari tu.....dan alhamdulillah rasa ok..badan rasa ringan sket......waktu tidur pon da lebih teratur.....Alhamdulillah~~~

Jadi,siapa yang bercadang nak try Detox Foot Patch ni bolehlah contact aku.......maybe sape2 yang ada masalah sukar tidur,badan lenguh2 or selalu rasa sakit-sakit badan,bolehla cuba......untuk beli or nak tengok harganya boleh la rujuk kat LINK INI


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SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 21 - Aim to greet your students first, before they greet you. Surprise them with your warm salam/hello, calling out their names (if you have good memory) at the end of the greeting.Enjoy their initial `stunned' facial expression. Dale Carnegie reminded us : The most important word a person would like to hear is his/her own name!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 22 - Be a good team member among the teaching staff. Demonstrate outstanding tolerance, cooperation and teamwork. Do not back-bite, gossip or talk bad about other teachers infront of your class. Settle all misunderstandings with colleagues. Never turn the teaching staffroom into a war zone!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 23 - Use encouraging words when you're giving feedback to students. Replace all those harsh, bitter, humiliating critics with better alternatives words in your comments. Be aware of your body languages. Constant degradation and humiliation is the WORST form of teaching! If that's your usual feedback strategy, it is indeed high time to change!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 24 - Extend your friendly hands to your partners in this noble mission of teaching; the parents & guardians of your students! They might not seem to be interested or just too busy to supervise their children, yet their role is indeed pivotal. Engage them as much as you can, don't give up! How about sending them an informal personal friendship card through their children? You might see an increase turn-ups in the next PTA meeting!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS: Tip no. 25 - Be exceptionally strong in your spiritual development. A doctor's soul needs constant enhancement and purification. It's your pure and sincere intention that serves as a shining beacon in the dark, showing you the way. Do not ever neglect your soul, or else you'll get easily demotivated, demoralized, derailed and defeated!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 26 - Recall your own teacher whom you liked most. What was the main quality in that particular teacher that made him/her exceptionally special, at least to you, if not for anyone else? How about you now? Are you inspiring enough to your students? Does anyone in your class wish to be like YOU one day?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 27 – Stop nagging your students. Instead, start listening to their heart messages. When your student complains that no matter what he/she does, it is never enough to please you – his/her heart message is saying ; `I hope you appreciate me and notice what I’m trying to do here.’ There’s no way you can hear those heart messages with your loud nagging noise at the background!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 28 - Involve yourself in voluntary social work within your neighbourhood to enrich your life experience and perspectives. Do not isolate yourself from your community. Display genuine and caring attitudes to others. A teacher is highly regarded in a society, for the wisdom and good deeds that he/she is expected to contribute. Just give yourself away, you'll get more in return, InsyaAllah!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 29 - Assist your students to discover Allah their Creator, their purpose of life, their destiny. Do not push TRUTH down their throats, they might regurgitate & vomit it all out. Allow them to come to their own conclusions. Be prepared to face their challenges & debates. After all, you want them to be critical thinkers, eh? Just lead their thoughts to Allah, and they will soon discover Him themselves.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 30 - Allocate the last five minutes of your teaching session for a short, special dedication to one of your students. One student for each session. It can be a line of poem, a Malay pantun, a remark or a statement that indicates your hope - with his/her name specifically mentioned in it. Start with the last student in the name list, going upward. Feel the anticipation & excitement buzzing in the class as each session comes to an end....Enjoy it!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 31 - Always bear in mind, there might be a few `late bloomers' in your class now. They are relatively slower in catching up with what you're teaching. Hold your tongue, do not degrade/compare them with the smart, brilliant students. Google `late bloomers' - you'll be surprised to see the famous names listed in this category!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 32 - Overcome your prejudice and bias. Do not discriminate. Different does not mean less good or much better. Manage diversity wisely by celebrating or embracing it. Or at least be tolerant and inclusive. There would not have been beautiful rainbows around without the seven different colours!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 33 - Avoid measuring your teaching success simply by the number of students scoring A for your subject. That might be the easiest way, but certainly not the most accurate. If only you could keep track of those students who were inspired by you, and shifted their paradigms for better lives & future - now, that is what I consider real success!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 34 - First, reflect and contemplate. Then regulate and align your actions. After that, correct all your mistakes and wrongdoings. Those are three steps towards building up your professionalism. Without ability to reflect, you will never realize your strengths & weaknesses, resistant towards feedback and will not be able to improve!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 35 - Adhere to principles. Let the students experience what principle-centredness really means. We have to disagree and dispute our close friends when they're doing wrongs, and compliment/praise our enemies if they're doing the right thing! How else would students learn about what's right or wrong - if it's not from the teachers! (parents included)

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 36 - Assist your students to adapt deep learning approach. Guide them to relate everything they learn to their daily lives, it is not merely to pass exams! Impress them with your massive knowledge & experience.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 37 - Do not expect much gratitudes from your students, especially after they have succeeded. Be grateful if they pray for you, even sometimes if not always. Allah knows exactly how much you have contributed for those young people's life and future. Stop worrying, just go on teaching.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 38 - Thank your students today before you step out of your class. Appreciate their determination to attend school everyday. Tell them how much you treasure their trust in you. After their usual sing-song thank, `Terima kasih Cikgu!', stand there for another 30 seconds & say `Terima kasih murid-muridku!' Say it out loud, clear and sincerely.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 39 - Be constantly reminded, as teachers, we cannot not role-model. Students are observing and watching. Choose between the two - as a good, exemplary role model or a bad one. The choice is totally yours!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 40 - Never be discouraged by your students' misconducts & lack of good manners. Those undesirable behaviours are indicators of existing gaps / loopholes in the education process of the individuals. Simply speaking, they haven't learned enough from their parents, teachers & other adults around them. Wonder if it is us (adults) who have not taught them enough?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 41 - Pick a student today and walk down the corridor with him/her. Observe his/her body language. Does he/she look relax, comfortable and chatty? Or does he/she look tense, anxious and scared? You can try this tip if you are curious about how the students perceive you. If you couldn't bother to find out, simply ignore this tip....

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 42 - Practise student-centred teaching learning process. Focus on your learners. Identify their learning needs. Enough with teacher-centred learning, where you decide everything for the learners - what , why, who, where, when & how to learn. Stop pushing the learners to score good marks for your subject because it will make you look real good! Guide them from where they are.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 43 - Never worry that one day, your students would exceed you in so many ways. Do not feel insecure. Teach them all the knowledge & skills that you have. If they inform you that they are inspired to be like you, gently squeeze their hands, look straight into their eyes and say this with full sincerity: `I pray that you are going to be better than me.'

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 44 - Pray that today, you are going to help your students in your class realize that learning is supposed to be liberating, enjoyable and fun. At least, ONE student...if you can't do much for the rest. For that one student, she/he will soon venture to be an independent learner throughout his/her life. Then, you can sit back and say : Mission accomplished!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 45 - Treasure those proud moments when you witness your students graduating/ moving on to another phase of their lives. Pat yourself at the back, dear teacher - for you have done your little part and contributed your little share into the lives of those students. Pray that even if those were considered small deeds in the eyes of men, they would be regarded as significant enough in the eyes of Allah SWT!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 46 - Remind your students on the 4S of life - Survival, Stability, Success & Significance. Advise them to focus on their studies, get a degree and find a well-paid job - so they can accelerate past thru' Survival & Stability. Success depends on how they define it. This is the most treacherous phase where many had failed to handle. Only a few`successful' people can become Significant by sharing their success with others

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 47 - Bake a cake, order a pizza or buy `nasi lemak' for the class today. Surprise your students with unexpected treats from time to time. When they ask you why, give this answer : ` I'm thankful to God for giving me another day to teach you all. I might not be around tomorrow. But I want you all to know that I really care for each and every one of you!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 48 - Tell a short story about your favourite teacher to your class. Explain what you like most about his/her characters that made him/her your favourite. Share what was taught to you by this particular teacher that still stays with you until today. If the teacher has passed away, recite Al-Fatihah & prayers for him/her. You've just demonstrated to your students how to show continuous respect to teachers.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 49 - Inform your students about Gary Chapman's five love languages (how love is expressed) - affirmative words, gifts, quality time, acts of service & physical touch. Instruct them to choose one that made them feel most loved & write down the choice on a piece of paper. Collect the notes & make a list. Now you basically have the database on how to express your genuine care & love for your learners. This tip is especially dedicated to those who are always willing to go that EXTRA mile!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 50 - Walk your talk. Practise what you preach. If you're not capable to do so, talk less and stop preaching. Indeed, as teachers we have to role model the appropriate behaviours for our students to emulate. We are not perfect, therefore we have to keep improving ourselves. We have to go on carrying the torch....


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SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 1 - Reflect on the main reason you become a teacher in the first place. Was it your childhood dream or mainly because you did not have much choices then? Why on earth are you still a teacher now? Find the answers in your heart. What you are today is a result of how you first took off in this noble profession...

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 2 - Assign a special task to your students today : ` Write ONE word that best describes my teacher, Puan/Mrs/Dr/Prof/Mdm ....(fill in the blank with your own name)' Provide each student with a post-it note. Input should be anonymous. Pass around a small box to collect the notes. Paste them on a wall surface (in your bedroom) - the words describe what the students see in you!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 3 - Prioritize the weakest student in your class, instead of the cleverest. Those who are gifted with superb IQ could sail thru' without much of your help. It's the weakest who needs you the most. Don't ignore him/her. Look at her/him with a different perspective today - full with hopes & dreams!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 4 - Be a great teacher who inspires. From William Hart - a mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates & a great teacher inspires! Convince your students that you're a different breed of teacher - the one who really cares & prays for them, every time, every day!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 5 - Honour the students' trust in you. Keep their secrets. Do not spread out the private info they confided in you to other teachers in the school, unless it's related to safety and legal matters. Even then, just tell the principle/headmaster. Confidentiality is a part of teaching ethics.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 6 - Teach with all your heart, imagine the students are your own flesh and blood. Thank Allah (again & again) for the honour of being a teacher. Focus your energy before stepping into class. Remind yourself of the responsibilities put on your shoulders. Finish this statement : ` At the end of this session, my students should be able to.....'

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.7 - Look back into history - all great individuals were teachers. Rasulullah SAW was a great mu'allim/murrabi. Imam Al-Ghazali, Ibnu Sina, Gandhi, Hippocrates, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mother Teresa, the list is non-exhaustive. These great people shared a common teaching style - they touched the hearts of each student they encountered (student-centred teaching). How about you?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.8 - Read, read and read more! Teachers are readers and readers are leaders. Lead your students to explore the marvellous world of knowledge & virtue. Look up for new books & re-read the old ones. Reading builds up creativity of teachers. So, what book are you reading now?

URVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.9 - Shine as your students' best role model, esp. for those who do not have one at home. Practise what you preach, and walk the talk. For students who only have bad role modelling all these while, YOU are their shining beacon, salvation and last hope. Don't let them down, please...

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.10 - Serve as your students' life mentor. Do you still receive SMS, emails, wedding cards, festive greetings and well wishes years after your students have left school/college? Did the old students look for you whenever they came visiting? If so, rejoice...for you're indeed your students' life mentor! If not and you do not really mind, you might have never meant to be one.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no.11 - Remind yourself that teaching profession will not propel you to stardom and wealth. It is indeed a very humble and modest profession. If you're able to turn your teaching career into money-churning business, maybe it helps to pause awhile and rethink. Are you taking advantages of the public's (esp. parents') feeling of insecurity, inadequacy and ignorance? I really hope not....

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS : Tip no. 12 - Strengthen your friendship with peers, seniors & juniors. Don't be a loner. Help one another always. Study in a group, studying alone limits your understanding & perspective. The best way to learn is to teach! So, teach one another - you'll be amazed by the result of such teamwork.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no.13 - Smile whenever you're facing your students in class. Experience the `lightness & feel-good feeling' that comes with it. See the counter response from your students, they'll be more cheerful, relaxed and attentive. Enjoy the session together...and before you know it, there goes the bell!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 14 - Avoid burn out by ensuring that you're sincere in your teachings. At times when you feel like giving up, check your intentions - there might be secondary (inferior) motives. Pause, reflect & contemplate. You have to recharge your batteries & dynamo to keep shining!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 15 - Be a `student-friendly' and `stress-free' teacher. Provide a safe environment for your students to make mistakes and learn, yet be clear of what you expect from them. Only the best and nothing less! You can strike the balance between being fair, realistic and strict all at the same time.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 16 - Pray for your students, every single one of them. Visualize their faces as you say your prayers. Beg Allah to bestow you with wisdom, patience and dedication. You definitely depend on divine intervention to complete this noble teaching mission. Ask nothing in return, except for Allah's blessings.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 17 - Share a part of you with your students. Do not be aloof and detached from them. Tell them about your life experiences - esp. those that have changed you to be a better person. Yet, do not ever try to be boastful - they can easily tell when you're inflating yourself!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 18 - Be creative in class . Surprise your students with new style of teaching & learning materials. Bring them out of the class, guide them to discover the biggest book, spread open in-front of them : the world & universe. Learning is supposed to be fun, thrilling & enjoyable!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 19 - Contain your anger the next time you almost blow your top in front of the class! Push the `pause' button. Give yourself and the students time-out...I suggest you tell them why you're angry, assign a short redemption task , step out of the class, return after 10 min - InsyaAllah, you'll find a more cooperative class - how grateful they are that you do not shout this time!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS: Tip no. 20 - Be humble, lower down your wings. Humility will never make you inferior. Avoid being a snob, or feeling more superior. Stop looking down at others. It takes a lot of courage and sense of security to be humble, especially if you have achieved so much in life. You will gain more respect from students and colleagues if you're humble, Just mark my words.

Link-Link Rahsia Yang WAJIB Anda Tahu!!!

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Hari ni aku nak berkongsi video-video kartun yg aku rasa menarik tentang Program Transformasi Kerajaan [GTP].....Korang boleh tengok iklan2 ni kat link yang aku bagi kat bawah ni......





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Cerita ni berlaku kira-kira sebulan lepas berhampiran Karak. Suatu malam, seorang lelaki memandu kereta dari KL menuju Kuantan dan dia membuat keputusan untuk tidak melalui LPT kerana mahu menikmati pemandangan sepanjang jalan lama.

Malang menimpa, keretanya tiba-tiba rosak dan dia terperangkap di sebuah jalan sunyi. Di kiri kanannya hutan. Hujan turun dengan lebat dan hari bertambah gelap. Masa berlalu, namun masih tiada sebuah kereta pun yang lalu.

Dia membuat keputusan untuk berjalan kaki ke pekan paling hampir.

Akhirnya setelah lama berjalan kaki, dia melihat sebuah kereta menghala ke arahnya. Kereta tersebut bergerak perlahan dan akhirnya sampai di sisinya. Tanpa berfikir panjang dia terus membuka pintu dan duduk di seat belakang. Gembira kerana diselamatkan dari kesejukan dan kepekatan malam. Dia pun mahu mengucapkan terima kasih kepada orang yang telah menyelamatkannya.. membongkokkan badannya ke hadapan.

Alangkah terkejutnya lelaki tersebut kerana kerana kereta tersebut tiada pemandu!!!!

Walaupun kereta tersebut tiada pemandu, tanpa kedengaran bunyi enjin namun ianya masih lagi bergerak perlahan. Dari cahaya lampu kereta itu, lelaki tersebut melihat satu selekoh tajam di hadapan. . Dia yang menggigil ketakutan tak henti-henti memanjatkan doa kepada tuhan.  Ya Allah, ampunilah diriku dan selamatkanlah diriku dari jatuh ke dalam gaung di hadapan!!!

Ketika dia masih lagi dalam ketakutan dan terkejut, kereta tersebut tiba di selekoh dan tidak semena-mena muncullah satu tangan dari tingkap kereta dan memulas stering kereta tersebut.  Maka bertambahlah ketakutan di dalam dirinya. Dirasakan dirinya hampir lumpuh dan lemah longlai kerana ketakutan yang amat sangat.

Di kejauhan dia ternampak cahaya lampu dari pekan di hadapan. Dengan saki baki kekuatan yang ada dalam dirinya, dia menggagahkan dirinya melompat keluar dari kereta tersebut dan berlari sekuat hati ke pekan itu.

Akhirnya dia berhenti di sebuah kopitiam dan memesan minuman. Setelah melepaskan lelahnya, dia mula bercerita mengenai pengalamannya tadi kepada beberapa orang yang ada di kopitiam tersebut.

Keadaan di dalam kopitiam tersebut sunyi dan sepi mendengarkan cerita lelaki tersebut.

Tiba-tiba kopitiam tersebut dimasuki oleh dua orang Nigeria, Joshua dan Nigel. Joshua menundingkan jarinya kepada lelaki tersebut dan berkata…. “Look Nigel - that's the idiot who got into our car when we were pushing it.

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Jadual Perlawanan Bola Sepak Sukan Sea 2011

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Sukan SEA datang lagi!!! Kali ni misi skuad bolasepak Malaysia lebih hebat dan lebih mencabar lagi....Bukan sekadar nak mempertahankan emas bolasepak Sukan SEA 2009.tetapi juga terpkasa menghadapi lawan-lawan sukar dan dianggap 'heavyweight' Asia Tenggara kerana skuad bimbingan Ong Kim Swee diletakkan dalam Kumpulan Maut bersama-sama tuan rumah Indonesia,Singapura,Thailand dan Cambodia......Walaupun di atas kertas dan berdasarkan prestasi semasa laluan skuad Malaysia tampak berliku, namun aku sebagai penyokong tegar skuad Harimau Malaya yakin dan tetap optimis dengan skuad kita...masa 2009 dulu pun takde sape sangka kita boleh dapat emas,tahun ni mesti lagi boleh punya! Jadi kat sini aku sertakan jadual perlawanan skuad bolasepak kita untuk rujukan kita bersama....InsyaAllah RTM dan Astro akan siarkan siaran langsung perlawanan2 yang terpilih....(perlawanan dengan Indonesia mesti ada punya!)
Teruslah menyokong bola sepak Malaysia!
Jadual Perlawanan Bola Sepak Group A Sukan SEA 2011 (Waktu Malaysia)
07.11.2011 : Indonesia vs Cambodia 8.00pm , Gelora Bung Karno
09.11.2011 : Malaysia vs Thailand 5.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno
09.11.2011 : Cambodia vs Singapore 8.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno
11.11.2011 : Singapore vs Indonesia 3.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno
11.11.2011 : Thailand vs Cambodia 6.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno
13.11.2011 : Malaysia vs Cambodia 5.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno
13.11.2011 : Indonesia vs Thailand 8.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno
17.11.2011 : Thailand vs Singapore 5.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno
17.11.2011 : Indonesia vs Malaysia 8.00pm, Gelora Bung Karno

Corat-Coret AidilAdha 2011

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Ini adalah sebahagian coretan dan bingkisan Aidiladha 2011 untuk perkongsian bersama

Mayat Baca Yasin!

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Ini adalah cerita benar yang telah diceritakan oleh pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di Arab Saudi.. 

Peristiwa ini baru saja berlaku dan disahkan benar oleh Ustaz Halim Naser....penceramah bebas yang amat terkemuka di Malaysia ..

Ceritanya begini.. Pada suatu hari di musim haji yang lepas, pelajar Malaysia yang sama-sama menunaikan haji telah mengikut seorang Arab untuk mengebumikan mayat seorang yang meninggal dunia pada musim haji. Makam tersebut terletak di Ma'la....tempat pengebumian para jemaah haji yang meninggal dunia di Mekah....

Cara yang mereka kebumikan mayat ialah dengan cara meninggalkan mayat dalam lubang yang disediakan Dan menutupnya untuk kira-kira lapan bulan. Selepas lapan bulan, lubang itu akan dibuka semula untuk mengebumikan mayat yang baru.

Pada hari tersebut, apabila satu lubang dibuka untuk mengebumikan mayat yang baru, orang Arab tersebut bertempiaran lari kerana dia nampak mayat sedang bersila, bukan tidur seperti kebiasaannya. Penuntut Malaysia ini memberanikan diri merangkak ke dalam kubur tersebut untuk melihat dengan lebih jelas. Hasilnya dia mendapati memang mayat tersebut sedang bersila dan mayat tersebut sedang membaca Al Quran, dan Al Quran tersebut memang yang asli.

Selepas dilihat seterusnya. Ayat Quran yang terbuka ialah Surah Yasin. Satu lagi perkara ialah mayat tersebut tidak reput Dan kain yang membalutinya juga tidak reput. Yang reput hanyalah kapas yang diletakkan di antara mayat dengan kain kapan (kain ehram).

Setelah dibuat kajian, rupa-rupanya mayat tersebut ialah mayat seorang Negro yang kerjanya ialah membersihkan Baitullah daripada tumpahan air zam-zam. Kerjanya tiada lain selain daripada membersihkan Baitullah jika ada tumpahan air zam-zam. Jika tiada tumpahan , dia kan duduk di satu sudut Baitullah dan membaca Surah Yasin. Itulah kelebihanya bagi orang yang berbakti ke jalan Allah... Inilah yang membuatkan aku semakin berkobar-kobar untuk mengunjungi Baitullah... .

Selepas peristiwa itu, lubang kubur itu pun di patri dan ditandakan agar tiada mayat lagi yang akan dikebumikan di situ..... sumber renungan kita. Inilah bukti akan janji-janji Allah pada hambaNya yang taat dan ikhlas bekerja keranaNya

*sebuah perkongsian untuk renungan bersama dari page FB Dunia Macam2*

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[LAWAK] Kenapa Singapura Tiada Raja

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Korang semua tau tak siapa Raja Singapura?Hahaha...mesti pelik kan dengar tentang Raja Singapura...Singapura kan negara republik,mana ada Raja....Diorang ada Presiden jer...Tapi sebenarnya,diorang pernah mempunyai seorang raja....Tapi tu dulu...."dulu mimiey...dulu pernah..." (bak kata dialog Linda Onn dalam filem Gila Bola)..haha...jadi korang nak tau kenapa Singapura tiada Raja?Begini cerita nya.....

Tersebutlah hikayat zaman purbakala,tatkala nama Singapura masih belum seperti hari ini,sebenarnya negara itu ada mempunyai seorang Raja yang bernama Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana.Adapun Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana ni seorang yang suka berhibur...pendek kata dalam zaman internet kita hari ni dia ni seorang yang playboy la...suka berjoli,suka perempuan.....dan yang paling teruk sekali,dia ni suka sangat berbohong....tak kisah la dengan sape sekalipun,membohong jer kerja nya...takde la kerja lain selain dari membohong jer.....Tapi,dia ni sangat lah pemurah dan suka membantu hamba rakyatnya.Sebab tu lah,walaupun perangainya teruk,tapi dia tetap disayangi dan dihormati oleh seluruh rakyatnya.

Sesungguhnya perangai Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana ni telah diketahui lah oleh segenap hamba rakyat dan juga pembesar negara-negara jiran.Tapi mereka ni tak kisah sangat lah.....Hendak dijadikan cerita, pada suatu hari yang tenang,datanglah utusan dari negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang menghantar jemputan ke majlis harijadi Sultan negara mereka.....Maka bergembiralah Sultan Shahnura Alam Buana ni sebab dia tau sangat yang Sultan negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang ni ada 3 orang puteri yang cantik jelita....Maka Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana pun setuju lah untuk ke majlis tu dan mulalah berangan-angan untuk mengurat puteri-puteri yang jelita tu....

Maka pada hari yang dijanjikan,datang lah Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana ni ke negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang....jemputan majlis tu selama 4 hari..Almaklumlah...birthday sultan....takkan la buat sehari jer kot~~~

Jadi pada hari yang pertama tu,sebelum majlis makan malam utama yang akan berlangsung pada malam terakhir berlangsung,Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana pun dah rancang nak mengurat puteri pertama sultan negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang ni...memandangkan puteri-puteri ni tak pernah jumpa dengan Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana,diorang ni tak kenal la macam mana rupanya raja yang playboy ni...Pada sebelah siangnya,Sultan Shahmura telah berjumpa dan berkenalan la dengan puteri pertama...Macam ni la lebih kurang ayat perkenalan diorang ni...

Sultan Shahmura: Wahh..tak sangka ye cantik sungguh Tuan Puteri negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang ni!
Puteri Pertama: Siapakah gerangan kamu wahai pacar yang hina?
Sultan Shahmura: Nama hamba Semut Hitam,hamba datang bersama utusan negara Seripura (ecehh..mula la berlakon plak si playboy ni..)

Maka setelah itu pun,puteri ni pun berlalu pergi tanpa mempedulikan Sultan Shahmura.........Tapi Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana yang pakar membohong ni meneruskan taktiknya dan pergi berjumpa lagi 2 orang puteri tu....dengan menggunakan taktik yang sama, dia memperkenalkan diri sebagai Bantal kepada puteri yang kedua dan memperkenalkan diri sebagai Nyamuk kepada puteri yang ketiga......

Jadi pada malam yang pertama,Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana ni telah mencuri masuk ke kamar puteri pertama semasa puteri tengah tidur....Dah nama pun playboy,dia tanpa membuang masa pun mulalah tangan2 nya merayap ke atas badan tuan puteri....Apalagi,menjeritlah si puteri tu...

Puteri Pertama: "Tolong..Tolong...Ayahanda....ada semut hitam merayap atas badan anakanda!"

Raja negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang yang terkejut dengar anaknya menjerit tu dengan slumbernya menjawab dalam mood mengantuk,"Alaaa...pasal semut hitam pun nak kecoh la anakanda ni....sembur Ridsect lari lah semut tu".....

Dalam time kecoh2 tu sempat la Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana ni lari......"Fuhhh....setel sudah untuk puteri pertama",kata Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana dalam hatinya...

Pada malam yang kedua pulak,sultan yang playboy dan kaki kelentong ni pergi pulak ke kamar puteri kedua...Kali ni tanpa membuan masa lagi dia terus je peluk puteri kedua yang sedang best punyer berdengkur...Bukan ape,Sultan Shahmura ni taknak terlepas peluang macam malam yg sebelum ni..hehehe...Maka terjadi lagilah suasana kecoh macam malam semalam....

Puteri Kedua: "Ayahanda....Ayahanda....bantal ni tindih badan anakanda...tolong....tolong..."

Makin benganglah Raja negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang...dah la semalam anak dia kacau dia tidur..malam ni pun kena lagi...so..dia pun jerit la..." Apa masalahnya...dah memang tu tempat dia...sape suruh kamu tidur guna banyak bantal"....pastu Raja negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang pun tidur semula.....

Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana pun apalgi,terus lari....tapi kali ni dia pegi usha kat bilik puteri ketiga pulak...dah melepas puteri no 1 dan 2,dia pun masuk je kamar puteri ke 3 terus diciumnya pipi puteri tu dengan rakusnya....Langsung terjerit puteri ketiga tu....

Puteri Ketiga: "Ayahanda.....ada nyamuk cium pipi anakanda...."
Raja negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang "Alaaaahhhh...tak habis2 la korang ni....dah memang situ tempat dia kan.....tampar je la...larila nyamuk tu"....dengan bengangnya Raja negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang pun sambung tidur dia......

Jadi pada hari yang ketiga tu Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana tu tak pergi mana2 pun..duduk jer dalam bilik sbab dia taknak puteri-puteri tu nampak dia....Jadi pada malam ke-4 tu,pergilah Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana ni ke jamuan makan malam utama sempena birthday Raja negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang .....

Apabila Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana ni masuk je ke dewan utama,menjerit la puteri pertama tu...
Puteri Pertama : "Ayahanda, ni lah semut hitam yang merayap atas badan anakanda tempoh hari"....belum sepat apa-apa lagi,puteri kedua plak berteriak..."Eh...ni lah bantal yang tindih anakanda malam tempoh hari tu"......dan tanpa membuang masa lagi puteri ketiga plak menyampuk....."Ayahanda,ni lah nyamuk yang cium pipi anakanda tu"......

Mendengar kata-kata puteri-puterinya tu,maka Raja negara Beringin Tak Berapa Rendang sangat lah marah dan terus menghukum Sultan Shahmura Alam Buana dengan hukuman pancung sebab dah menganggu puteri baginda.........


*Cerita ni hanyalah rekaan semata-mata....Tiada bersifat atau bermaksud apa-apa...Sekadar hiburan dan gurauan sahaja*

Siapa yang rajin berblog?Mungkin anda berpeluang menang~~

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Kalau yg rajin berblog tu...mungkin anda ada peluang menang hadiah! Anda boleh mencalonkan rakan2 anda di link di bawah...check it out!

Siapa yang rajin berblog?Mungkin anda berpeluang menang~~

Buat Duit Sambil Berblog~~Tips Mudah Disini

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Korang semua rajin berblog?Rajin post status kat Facebook?Rajin berTweet?Kalau rajin,baguslah....sambil korang semua online tu,korang tau tak yang korang semua berpeluang untuk buat duit??

Macam mana?Taktau caranya??Tak pernah nak amek tau?Malas?Tak percaya?Hahahaha...tu semua alasan lapuk....ini bukan cobaan...ini benar2! Korang yg rajin berblog mesti pernah dengar ttg AdSense,Nuffnang dan sebagainya kan?Itu la caranya bloggers2 buat duit.....diorang jana income secara mengiklankan atau menjual ruangan iklan.....Aku ni bukanlah expert...blog aku pun tunggang langgang,maklumlah baru belajar...tapi kat sini aku nak share kan sesuatu yang aku rasa boleh kita manfaatkan bersama...yelah,daripada kita online saje2 tu,dapat juga something yg menguntungkan,betul tak? =)

Jadi...apa yg ingin aku kongsikan ialah tentang churpchurp....mungkin ramai yg pernah dengar kan?Ianya sama jer cam nuffnang....in fact,churpchurp ni adik beradik nuffnang..heheh...korang boleh jana pendapatan sambil berblog,berfacebook or bertweet dengan melalui website churpchurp ni....Churpchurp ini website yg reliable dan mereka memang membayar pendapatan anda melalui cek dalam matawang Malaysia....

Macam mana?? Mudah sahaja.....ikut je cara-cara ni....

1) Daftar dulu dekat website churpchurp (korang boleh klik kat link yang aku bagi kat bawah tu)
2)Penuhkan details yg diperlukan di web tu (semuanya PERCUMA)
3) Baca elok2 cara2 dia...setelah tu pilih la mana2 campaign yg korang nak promotekan...
4) Setiap campaign ada harga dia...misalnya,kalau korang pilih link utk promote iklan Pizza Hut,diorang akan bayar RM 0.40 untuk setiap klik yg kawan2 korang klik pada link yang korang letak kat blog korang ke...FB korang ke...
5)So...daftar la dan mula letak link.....MUDAH bukan?


Now you can earn rewards by sharing through facebook and twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

10 Petikan Tentang "MASA" Yang Perlu Kita Tahu

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1. Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia kerugian. Kecuali mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Mereka menyeru kepada kebenaran dan menyeru kepada kesabaran. (Al-Qur’an)

2. Bila anda menguasai masa, anda akan memahami kebenaran bahawa kebanyakan orang terlebih jangkaan terhadap apa yang mereka mampu capai dalam setahun dan juga apa yang mereka mampu capai dalam sedekad! (Anthony Robbins)

3. Anda tidak akan berjumpa masa untuk sesuatu. Jika anda mahukan masa, anda mesti mencipta masa. (Charles Buxton)

4. Mereka yang teruk dalam mengurus masa sentiasa mengeluh bahawa mereka kesuntukan masa. (La Bruyere)

5. Tiada apa milik kita kecuali masa. (Geothe) 

6. Mereka yang memiliki masa memilii segalanya. (Benjamin Disraeli)

7. Semua bunga yang bakal berkembang pada hari esok adalah benih pada hari ini. (Pepatah Cina)

8. Masa ibarat pedang! Jika kita tidak menggunakan untuk memotong, ia akan memotong kita (Dalam peperangan) (Pepatah Arab)

9. Anda sentiasa menangguh, tetapi masa tidak berbuat demikian. (Benjamin Franklin)

10. Masa yang hilang tidak akan ditemui lagi. (Benjamin Franklin)

Diinspirasikan oleh: kuasamotivasi.com

[WOW] Rumah Daripada Daun Terup Yang TERBESAR Di Dunia

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Gambar di atas merupakan sebuah hasil kreatif yang hebat daripada seorang arkitek bangsa Amerika. Dia telah menggunakan sebanyak 218,792 keping daun terup untuk membina replika bangunan sebuah rumah ini. Hasil karya yang mengagumkan ini telah mengambil masa selama 44 hari untuk disiapkan di Macau dan telah diiktiraf oleh Guinness World Book of Record sebagai replika rumah daripada daun terup yang terbesar di dunia!

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